Engineering Services


Secure Systems has over ten years experience in the design, development, manufacture and testing of sophisticated data security technology.  The company has worked closely with many of its customers to ensure its capability, if requiring customisation, integrates seamlessly within the requirements set by the customer.

Secure Systems can offer competitively costed engineering services to customise our Silicon Data Vault (SDV) technology depending on your end project requirements. Typical engagements have ranged from customised packaging / enclosure options to customised software / operating systems.


With a focus on high assurance security products for Government and Defence, procedural quality and control are paramount. Secure Systems has developed a comprehensive quality management system (QMS). The QMS has evolved over a number of years and is subject to change when improvements are identified. Quality assurance (QA) is the responsibility of all personnel; this approach to QA ensures there is a high level of commitment and conformance to the QMS. The QMS processes and procedures have been reviewed by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) as part of a high assurance evaluation and were approved as suitable for the development of a high assurance product. The Federal Government Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research has reviewed the QMS as part of its Enterprise Connect initiative and noted it was a comprehensive QMS that exceeded what would be expected of a small company. An important aspect of the Secure Systems QMS is that it is actively adhered to by all staff.


Secure Systems has implemented online applications for configuration management to ensure that all design elements created during the design, development and implementation processes are identified, the status is always known, changes are tracked and audits are conducted at regular intervals.

Secure Systems defines a test methodology for each product.  Defined design documents are used in the development of the test plans and procedures used during component, integration and system testing.  An online application is used to define the test procedures, verify requirements traceability and record results of testing activities.  A comprehensive reporting suite ensures that metrics are available to identify the status of testing throughout the product development lifecycle.

An Incident Reporting (IR) system has been implemented that allows bugs, other problems and suggestions to be recorded, classified, and tracked till the issue has been resolved and closed.  The IR system is linked to the test system and the configuration management system to enable tracking throughout the development, test and release cycle.

The extensive procedures used for the design and development of Secure Systems' products ensure they:

  • meet the defined requirements,
  • provide ease of manufacture,
  • are easy to test and support, and
  • are evaluated and certified with the minimum effort and time expended.  

This system ensures that a comprehensive set of documents is produced for each component part and all engineering elements are maintained under strict configuration control. 


Any engineering services engagement will be assigned a Technical Lead to fully scope and understand all aspects of the customer's requirements. Any technical, logistical and financial risks are identified early so that we can monitor and mitigate them.  We also understand your concerns about IP protection, so we have devoted significant effort to the development of procedures and processes that protect both your and our own IP.

Secure Systems will make any project a success by combining strong relationships with its manufacturing partners, suppliers and Defence and Federal Government.



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