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Secure Systems Limited is a Western Australian company that specialises in the development of secure portable self-encrypting data storage and processing technology for high assurance Government and Defence applications. Secure Systems' award-winning Silicon Data Vault (SDV) products are certified by Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) under their High Assurance cryptographic evaluation program. The SDV product range is the only certified technology in Australia able to store and protect aggregated data classified as Top Secret, Secret or Protected yet allow handling as Unclassified when powered down.

The company was established to develop and commercialise a PC secure storage technology acquired by the company founders in 2000. It has gradually evolved the technology into a range of secure portable high assurance products.

Secure Systems employs a small but focussed team, combining skill sets in IT security, electronic hardware, software and mechatronic engineering, testing, quality control, compliance, business process, sales and marketing. With an over-arching focus on high quality outcomes built upon enabling innovation within a quality controlled and cost conscious environment.

The SDV technology combines the innovative application of integrated circuits, programmable logic, firmware and software to achieve an advanced security capability to protect against cyber attack, data loss, physical attack, brute force attack and forensic discovery.

Secure Systems works closely with all Australian Government Agencies and Defence. The SDV technology has been identified as a Priority Industry Capability for the Commonwealth due to the innovative and high assurance protection it affords to the most highly classified of data.

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